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Financial books suck.

These don't.

Books about money usually read like textbooks written for financial experts—which is exactly what they are.

"How Money Works" and "How Money Works for Women" are complimentary books designed to help people of all backgrounds take control of their money and their future.

Eradicating financial illiteracy requires a book that delivers just what you need to know. It's a book that must be simple, powerful, and fun... with a touch of humor.

These are those books.

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Financial Illiteracy is the #1 Economic Crisis in the World, affecting over 5 Billion lives. I was one of them.

#1 economic crisis in the world

I was overwhelmed trying to navigate the financial maze. All I knew was “save money and don’t go into debt.” My husband and I wanted to buy our first house but we could not save fast enough for the 20% down we thought we needed. As home prices soared in 2018, we were sure we'd missed our opportunity.

An invitation to a How Money Works class changed everything. Afterward, we had the option to sit down free of charge to make a plan for our future. Our financial team gave us hope that our dream was not out of reach!

Six months later we got the keys to our first home and were starting to save for retirement. It was such a relief to have a guide through the whole process. I didn’t have to be the expert or do hours of research. I just needed a little education to have better conversations and make informed decisions when my team presented options to reach our goals.

Seeing the difference a financial guide made in our story, I wanted to know more. Is this something I could share with other people like me? My team was very happy to mentor me as I started on my own mission to spread financial literacy.

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My Team



I am a financial guide for individuals and families feeling overwhelmed by the variety of options available in the financial industry.

This includes better options for your savings, emergency fund, cash flow, life insurance, college planning, investments, retirement, and legacy planning.

My nurturing approach helps you build confidence that your plan will meet your family’s needs no matter what life throws at you.

Businesses & Organizations

56% of employees in a recent study cited “Financial Stress” as a contributor to presenteeism (being at work but not engaged).

Organizations who offer financial literacy courses as a benefit have the opportunity to improve the overall wellness of individuals and the team as a whole.

Financially stable people are proven to be more productive and focused, both in their personal lives and professional lives.


62% of Americans want to be their own boss but only 14% believe they can make the move to entrepreneurship

I enable motivated individuals to build a business teaching people How Money Works while increasing their cashflow in the financial industry.

Are you eager to make the leap from Employee to Entrepreneur?

My team’s proactive training model gives you the skills you need to succeed, without you having to become a ‘salesperson.’


satisfied ClientS!

satisfied clients

"Joy was so great to work with! She explained everything clearly and made our experience fun and interesting! I would highly recommend going to Joy if you are interested in learning about how money works and for ways to invest for your retirement!"

-Sarah and David M.

"Joy is very friendly and cheerful to work with. She listens and is very knowledgeable in coming up with quality solutions. Highly recommend!"

- Kelley R.

“Joy McMurchy with Wealth Wave is an essential advisor to help you ​budget and create your investment plan. She and her team spend an ​incredible amount of time helping you understand your current budget, ​assessing your future goals, and creating a plan to reach those goals. I ​love referring my clients to Joy because she truly cares about helping ​them reach their financial goals, no matter how big or small they are. Her ​team has a solution for everyone, and it is actually an enjoyable and de-​stressing experience. I can’t recommend Joy enough!”

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